General Specifications

The R.V. Helmer Hanssen (formerly R.V. Jan Mayen) has conducted 15 P-Cable surveys.


2x the investment, up to 10x the production,



• Active sections:
GeoEel Solid or GeoEel Liquid (click for specifications)
• Number of streamers: 6 – 24
• Streamer length: 25 – 100m
• Channels per streamer: 8 – 32
• Streamer separation: 3.125, 6.25 and 12.5m
• Group interval: 1.5625 (GeoEel liquid), 3.125, 6.25 and 12.5m
• Data recording: PC-based Geometrics CNT-2 marine controller
• Paravanes:  Baro #3 or equivalent*
• Streamer handling: Two small winches for paravanes, two
medium winches for cross-cable and digital signal cable, storage drum recommended for active sections

• System deployment: 5-6 dedicated crew, depending on vessel and available winch control options

• Recommended vessel speed: 5 knots

• Array positioning: Catenary modeling or direct measurement.

* Larger paravanes required for array widths greater than 200m.

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