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May 15, 2015 – WGP commences work in SE Barents Sea on behalf of TGS


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April 29, 2015 - TNO Delft Conducts UHR3D off Rotterdam


Ultra high-resolution 3D continues to gain mindshare.  Our good friends at TNO Delft, in partnership with Deltares and NIOZ, recently conducted an UHR3D survey in the Netherlands.  While they did not use a P-Cable system (they used analog cables connected to Geometrics Geodes), the P-Cable was mentioned.  To quote:  “3D HRS acquisition has been maturing as a technology in recent years, demonstrated by the success of the P-Cable system.”  More importantly, they observed that “Initially, the objective of this pilot was to demonstrate the use of high-resolution 3D seismic for risk assessment and monitoring in CO2 storage.  However, it is expected that the technology will ultimately be applied in a much wider range of activities.  A first review of the data shows that this data acquisition concept will be very well suited for identification, delineation, and characterization of shallow gas presence for exploration and hazard assessment purposes.”

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April 27, 2015 – WGP signs contract with TGS-NOPEC for follow-on work in SE Barents Sea for 2015 season


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April 14, 2015 - BP Raises the Bar in Geohazard Studies 


“BP has concluded that in cases in which there is a need for HR data to support drilling-hazard or development studies, there is no reason to not always acquire HR3D data. From 2015, therefore, acquisition of HR2D acquisition will be by exception only.”

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April 14, 2015 - Abiotic Methane in the Vestnesa Ridge – P-Cable Continues Crucial Role in Understanding World’s Gas Hydrates


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March 11, 2015 - NCS Subsea and Geotrace Technologies Publish First Deep-water
P-Cable Data From Gulf of Mexico. 


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February 13, 2015 – Diablo Canyon P-Cable Data Made Available for Download on USGS Website


Processed data from the 2011 and 2012 P-Cable surveys off Diablo Canyon are now available in their entirety from the USGS.  The processed data may be downloaded here.  This is a 39 Gb file.  To receive on a returnable USB drive, contact Jon Childs at


January 29, 2015 – 8th Annual P-Cable Workshop in Oslo


This year 40 professionals joined together at the 8th annual P-Cable workshop in the Oslo Science Park. Speakers presented on a wide range of topics including: the latest ultra-high resolution data, new technology being used in the system, and the most advanced processing techniques for 3D data. Click for more...


January 9, 2015 – P-Cable Data Featured on Cover of Geo Magazine


P-Cable 3D seismic (courtesy of TGS/WGP) together with EM data (courtesy of EMGS) showing concurrent hydrocarbon indicators from the Barents Sea.



October 22, 2014 – WGP and TGS-NOPEC complete 575 km2 P-Cable Survey in Barents Sea


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September 23, 2014 – P-Cable Data Showcased in GeoExPro

The Hoop Fault Complex area of the Barents Sea has seen great exploration success lately. The area offers a condensed Paleozoic and Mesozoic succession with multiple-interval exploration targets in well-defined structural traps. In particular, exploration in shallow fault blocks in the Jurassic succession has been successful, with several light oil discoveries in good reservoirs. The Hoop Fault Complex is now one of the core areas for the Norwegian 23rd licensing round.

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September 18, 2014 – Data from WGP/TGS Barents Sea multi-client Survey Showcased at EAGE Near-Surface Conference in Athens, Greece.


Frode N. Eriksen, CEO of P-Cable Seismic AS, Presents "HiRes P-Cable Data from Shallow Reservoir Mapping and Geohazard Predictions, Case Examples from the Barents Sea" at First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference.

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September 10, 2014 – PG&E Releases Diablo Canyon Seismic Assessment Final Report


An extensive UHR3D seismic survey was undertaken in 2011 and 2012 by Fugro West for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to better define the Shoreline fault zone and to image buried channels that could be used to determine offsets along both the Shoreline and the Hosgri fault zones. This investigation builds upon previous seismic reflection investigations of the Shoreline fault zone in areas defined by seismicity in the vicinity of PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP).

For complete report, click here (Chapter 3 focuses on the P-Cable work). 


June 13, 2014 - Ultra-High-Resolution Seismic Imaging Solves Industry Challenge

High-resolution imaging of near-surface geology has long been an industry-wide challenge, but today’s best available view of this geology is the product of P-Cable technology and the NavPoint Trawler integrated navigation and binning system.  Click for more.


June 13, 2014 - P-Cable Article Featured in June 2014 issue of Oilfield Technology


HIGH-RESOLUTION REVOLUTION - As the world's thirst for energy continues unabated, the risks involved in finding and producing fossil fuels will only intensify. Not just monetary risks, but safety and environmental risks as well. The human and environmental tragedy of the explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon is a prime example. Oil and gas are being produced in more and more difficult conditions all the time; most of the low hanging fruit has been picked. The recent blow to the nuclear industry at Fukushima only puts additional pressure on fossil fuels...

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May 12, 2014 - Joint New Zealand - German 3D survey reveals massive seabed gas hydrate and methane system


A joint New Zealand-German research team has discovered a huge network of frozen methane and methane gas in sediments and in the ocean near New Zealand’s east coast.  Click for more.


May 5, 2014 - Solving the Problem of Fuzzy Geohazards


Detecting and analyzing the shallow geohazards in the Gulf of Mexico has long been an industry-wide challenge. These hazards directly impact safety and the environment during drilling and completion. The economics of this impact are significant and cannot be ignored. Click for more.


April 30, 2014 Press Release - SAFE-BAND Group to Begin SAFE-BAND Geohazard Survey


First multi-client geohazard survey on a regional scale utilizing Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Seismic (UHR3D). Click for more.


March 19, 2014 Press Release - Geometrics Inc. Announces the Sale of its P-Cable Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Seismic Acquisition System to WGP Survey LTD

Geometrics' P-Cable UHR3D seismic system was purchased by WGP Survey LTD. this week for their summer 2014 multi-client program in the Barents Sea. Click for more.


March 5, 2014 - WGP signs contract with TGS-Nopec for 3D survey in Northwest Europe


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February 26, 2014 - 7th Annual P-Cable Workshop Draws 60 Attendees to
Oslo Science Park


Sixty professionals from academia and industry attended the 7th P-Cable workshop in Oslo, Norway in early February. The workshop focuses on the use and interpretation of P-Cable 3D HiRes seismic data collected worldwide. Click for more.


February 21, 2014 Press Release - NCS Subsea Purchases Geometrics P-Cable Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Seismic Acquisition System for Geohazard Exploration

SAFEBAND UHR3D multi-client in GoM Click for more.


January 7, 2014 Press Release - Geometrics Inc. Announces the Successful Deployment of Its High-Resolution 3D Seismic Acquisition P-Cable Technology for Special Research Project


Geometrics’ high-resolution 3D P-Cable seismic system was chosen for a special research project by the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology to image subsurface stratigraphy and fault structures as part of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center’s multi-year geologic characterization effort to identify potential CO2 storage sites beneath the Texas portion of the Gulf of Mexico and to evaluate potential environmental impact to reduce possible risks related to offshore storage projects.

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October 28, 2013 - University of Texas and TDI Brooks complete P-Cable Survey in Gulf of Mexico.

Shallow salt dome investigation, carbon sequestration study, first UHR3D in the GoM Click for more.


September 4, 2013 - Geometrics P-Cable System Presented at Oceanology International Shanghai


OI Shanghai is fast becoming the premier marine science and ocean technology event in Asia. In 2013 it attracted over 5,000 professionals from 31 different countries.

Craig Lippus, Vice President of Seismic Business at Geometrics, gave a presentation entitled “Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Marine Seismic – Opening New Vistas in the Shallow Seabed”. Attendance was approximately 50 professionals from academia and industry.


September 1, 2013 - P-Cable Featured on Cover of Sea Technology Magazine



April 22, 2013 - Sverre Planke, co-inventor of the P-Cable, presents at Chikyu+10 meeting in Japan


Sverre Planke, co-inventor of the P-Cable and CEO of Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research in Norway, recently gave a presentation on the P-Cable system at the Chikyu+10 meeting in Japan.  Click for more.


October 31, 2012 Press Release - WGP Survey LTD Completes P-Cable Survey for Spring Energy


WGP Survey LTD recently completed a shallow gas survey using the P-Cable system for Spring Energy (now Tullow Oil plc) in the Barents Sea.  See full press release here.