Literature, Papers, and Presentations

P-Cable acquisition off central California (photo courtesy Fugro West)

Geometrics P-Cable™ Data Sheet (1.7 MB)
Geohazard Study, Central California Coast (2.2 Mb)
P-Cable Technology (247 KB)
Gas Migration, North Atlantic Margin (2.2 MB)
Intraplate Tectonism, Gulf of Cadiz (1.2 MB)
Shallow Gas Accumulations, Barents Sea (2.6 MB)
Episodic Fluid Expulsion, Nyegga, Mid-Norway (3.9 MB)
Shallow Gas Migration, Norwegian Margin (558 KB)
Geometrics P-Cable™ Positioning Article (131 KB)
Imaging Gas Hydrates, SW Barents Sea (720 KB)
High-resolution Revolution (11.4 Mb)
Geohazard and Reservoir Mapping, Barents Sea (4.8 Mb)


BP Analysis of Various Seismic Approaches to Geohazard Studies (abstract only; contact Geometrics)

Abiotic Methane in the Arctic (1.5 Mb)

Central Coastal California Seismic Imaging Project

Hoop Basin: Drilling Success and Playground for
New Exploration Methods (1.4 Mb)

Deep-water Geohazards, Gulf of Mexico (800 Kb)

Hydrates in the Arctic (15.5 Mb) (pp. 64-68)

Role of Tectonic Stress in Seepage Evolution Along the Gas Hydrate-charged Vestnesa Ridge, Fram Strait  (Abstract only; contact Geometrics)

Gas Hydrate and Free Gas Detection Using Seismic Quality Factor Estimates From High-resolution P-cable 3D Seismic Data  (Abstract only; contact Geometrics)

Controls on Gas Hydrate System Evolution in a Region of Active Fluid Flow in the SW Barents Sea  (Abstract only; contact Geometrics)

Complete List of References (printable version)

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