January 29, 2015 – 8th Annual P-Cable Workshop in Oslo


This year 40 professionals joined together at the 8th annual P-Cable workshop in the Oslo Science Park. Speakers presented on a wide range of topics including: the latest ultra-high resolution data, new technology being used in the system, and the most advanced processing techniques for 3D data.

Speakers included:

Sverre Planke, VBPR AS - P-Cable Usage in Academia and Industry

Stefan Bünz, UiT - Gas Hydrates and Fluid Flow in the SW Barents Sea

Bent Kjølhamar, TGS - The New Hope in the Hoop Basin

Anthony Hardwick, TGS - Broadband Processing in the Barents Sea - Understanding the Challenges and Solutions

Brian Brookshire, NCS Subsea - P-Cable 3D Seismic Applicability for Geohazard Identification at Mid-slope Depths in the Gulf of Mexico

Jörg Bialas, Geomar - P-Cable Data Deghosting Tool With TEEC in the SUGAR Project

Christian Berndt, Geomar - New Insights into the Gas Hydrate Systems off Taiwan From the TAIGER Cruises

Sina Muff, Geomar - Multiple Suppression for Shallow-water P-Cable Data Acquired in the Baltic Sea

Mark Burnett, WGP - P-Cable Services

Sergey Buryak, Deco - SharpSeis Broadband Processing of P-Cable 3D data

Garret Rhett, Geometrics - Developments in the Geometrics P-Cable System

Tip Meckel, BEG UT Austin - Extremely Shallow Gas Anomalies and Fluid Migration on the Inner Shelf, Gulf of Mexico

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