Geometrics P-CableTM Key Features and Benefits

• Small and light; 5-ton bollard pull*: Deployable from small vessels of opportunity

• Simple; minimal in-water assets: Highly robust, easily and rapidly deployed with minimal crew

• True 3D coverage, full 3D migration: Better resolution of more complicated geometries

• Bin size as small as 3.125m: Higher resolution than previously possible

• Array width up to 300m: Rapid production, up to 50 km2/day at 5 knots (6.125m bins)

• Allows overlap between sail lines: Minimal infill required

• Based on true solid streamer technology: Bulge wave immunity, virtually no strumming noise; environmentally friendly

• Convertible to full-featured 2D system: Allows large-offset 2D survey for velocity determination if necessary


*For typical 190m wide array with 25m sections

Data courtesy of University of Tromsø

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